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Ulike new update LED Bathroom Mirror Backlit Vanity Mirror with Modern Dimmable Touch Switch

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Update time : 2015-03-11 21:17:08

New released LED bathroom mirror backlit vanity mirror

If you've been looking for a LED lighted wall bathroom mirror, look no further than Ulike Mirror Wall Mounted High Quality LED Lighted Vanity Mirror.

This various shaped, high-quality crystal clear mirror measures customized and features a super bright LED light that lasts 50,000 hours on average, making it the perfect lighting for putting on makeup and hair styling, as well as shaving, while still being easy to clean. You'll have more than enough light to see everything you need to.

This wall mounted lighted vanity mirror led rivals almost any wall mount makeup mirrors you can find. The energy-efficient white LED lights turn on and off easily on the LED strip on the mirror, features that are highly popular on LED & Touch Light Mirrors. This stylish polished edge mirror arrives in safety packaging and includes instructions and wall mount hardware for easy DIY assembly.

ULIKE Mirror started with the idea in mind to apply the latest in technology and design of bathroom mirrors to the field of smart household. We design, develop, manufacture and market high-quality bath products designed for home decorating users. We believe that innovation and outstanding functionality of smart devices should not compromise aesthetic standards and design principles. Together with a group of designers and R&D engineers we keep working on innovative projects and ideas. Our production capacity guarantees production management reliability and production quality viable in an international context.

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