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How to choose practical & high quality LED bath mirror?

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Update time : 2020-11-19 14:21:24
How to choose practical & high quality LED bathroom mirror?
The LED mirror always has a kind of magic to let you stop, no matter who it is. While, have you ever experienced a situation which fill up with bubble, sundry, incomplete, discoloration, and the mist is full of the whole mirror after taking a bath? Do you know how to choose a practical and high quality LED bathroom mirror?

1. When purchasing LED bathroom mirror, you can use the distant straight-line object as a reference to observe from the front, side and back. Good quality mirror appearance no bubbles, debris, incomplete, discoloration and spots, etc., when moving the line of sight, straight objects will not bend and deform.
2. Pay attention to the coordination with the whole bathroom environment. The color of the mirror frame is mainly matched with the wall. The size is recommended to be 500-600mm (except for floor bathroom mirror), and the thickness is recommended to be about 5-8mm. If the bath mirror is too thin, it is easy to burst and break.

3. The bathroom is full of water vapor, especially in winter. After taking a bath, the fog is full of the whole mirror surface. You can consider anti fog bathroom mirror.

4. From the convenience of use and maintenance, frameless bathroom mirror is better than the one with frame, because the bathroom is often in a humid state, and wood, leather and other frame materials are easy to change after a long time of use.

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