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6 functions of smart LED bathroom mirror

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Update time : 2020-10-13 15:11:42
There are many intelligent products in the market, including bathroom products. When it comes to smart frameless bathroom mirror, Ulike Mirrors believe many friends are familiar with it. People who have lived in the hotel have seen the smart LED bathroom mirror installed in the bathroom of the hotel, which makes the whole bathroom more hierarchical. So, the LED smart bathroom mirror is easy to use? What are the functions?

1, Anti fogging
Most of the intelligent bathroom mirror can add anti fog function, which is a qualitative leap to the traditional bathroom mirror. When we take a bath, the ordinary mirror will fog and need to be cleaned before use. But intelligent bathroom mirror avoids this trouble, can see clearly at any time.
2, Waterproof
Intelligent bathroom mirror is equipped with LED lamp and touch switch. People will worry when water comes into contact. In fact, such worries are unnecessary. Because the intelligent bathroom mirror has waterproof function, even if you pour water on it, it will not have any impact, and the safety performance is also very good.
3, Anti rust
Intelligent bathroom mirror has a special anti rust function, do not worry about the mirror will be rusted after a period of time and need to be replaced.
4, Listening to the music
Many friends like to listen to music while bathing, and make more relaxed. While, there is always the possibility of water inflow when placed the mobile phone in bathroom. Do not worry, the smart bathroom mirror can be connected with WiFi, and it has listen to music function.
5, Watch the news
We can check the latest news and weather forecast on the touch screen of smart bathroom mirror.
6, Display time and temperature
The smart mirror can accurately display the time and temperature according to the surrounding environment.

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