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3 types of LED bathroom mirrors are available in market

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Update time : 2020-08-12 17:34:41
LED Bathroom Mirror Backlit Vanity Mirror in our life is very common, the shadow is indispensable whether in the toilet, bathroom and so on. It can be convenient for us to make up, with it practical and decorative function. So, what are the types of LED bathroom mirrors in market?

Classified by appearance, there are rectangle, square, oval, round, irregular and so on. The common style is mirror binding, mirror carving and so on, If its shape is a single whole. From the appearance, it can be divided into three types: large bath mirror, billiard mirror and embedded bath mirror.
Large Bathroom Mirror, this kind of mirror is very popular, but there are certain requirements for bathroom space. Ulike support customized service in different size and shape.
Table mirror: this mirror is very small and can be used as a dressing mirror. We can put it directly on the dresser, or we can fix it to the wall through the horizontal telescopic bracket.
Embedded bathroom mirror: this kind of mirror means that the carpenter is required to make an embedded small cabinet in the bathroom space during the construction process, and then paste the cut mirror on the cabinet door. This kind of mirror not only saves space but also is convenient to use. Even if we close the door, we can also use it as a wall bath mirror, open the cabinet door to put daily medicine, bath products and cosmetics and other small items.

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